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strength in her convictions

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We have a problem in our society, ladies and gents, and as time goes on it’s becoming more and more apparent (and harmful). I, Lisa Jean Turpin, can no longer stand idly by and watch our blessed country and establishment be torn asunder by it—so I have founded a group that I can get behind wholeheartedly and hopefully use to improve on this problem. I hope that you can do the same.

The Society for the Prevention of the Outmoding of Useable Scutwork by Elves. S.P.O.U.S.E for short.

I am sick and tired of all menial job-opportunities for able-bodied young witches and wizards being usurped by House Elves! In our society, if it is your dearest ambition to be a maid, cook or butler? You’d never be able to get a job! Anyone can go out and find a House Elf to do those tasks for free—thus, you’re forced to go out and toil away in a job that you hate—when you could be scrubbing floors at minimum wage. How many more dreams must be crushed before people will sit up and take notice? I say we cast off our shackles of silence and tell the world! We want those jobs!

A change is coming, ladies and gentleman. House Elves will leave these posts eventually—but the question is: do we want to shift the positions in a controlled and reasonable manner? Or haphazardly, when the Great House Elf Revolution comes to pass. Yes, that’s right, I’ve said it. The notion of a Revolution is a rather taboo subject nowadays, but I want to change that. How can we prepare ourselves for this inevitable event when we’re trying so hard to remain ignorant and in denial?! At this very moment House Elves are exacting small revenges—and even being groomed for independence by such organizations as S.P.E.W. I say that we support these Elves in their quest and ready ourselves to swoop in gracefully when their jobs become available.

I sincerely hope that you all will seriously consider what it is I’m saying. S.P.O.U.S.E needs your support to get off the ground and accomplish its cause! Rise up beside us and help make our dream a reality! Servile positions for all! Please contact me if you’re interested in volunteering or donating money or supplies.

Pamphlets and complimentary S.P.O.U.S.E legwarmers and potholders will be forthcoming.
28th-Sep-1997 10:45 pm(no subject)
determined, focused
One down, three to go.
20th-Aug-1997 12:10 pm - Anyone here?
Hello? Zach? Hannah? Beatrix? I'm not talking to myself, am I? Has anyone got their journal-thingies yet? Mummy just brought mine home from work and I just had to see who else had one!

Mummy's quite excited about this new "instant communication" for some "inter-wizard bonding" or somesuch. Either way, I think it's brill! She set up a community-thing for just us student and promised no adults (or teachers!) could see it, so maybe we could use that for...whatever comes to mind!

Really though, I'm very impressed by these scrolls...journals? Oh bother, I don't know what exactly to call it! I do think this will help us all stay in touch!
20th-Aug-1997 10:45 am(no subject)
I was approached with this idea by a fellow in the Department of International Magical Cooperation about a way to bring together the Wizarding World in these troubled times. I thought it was an excellent idea and have now been informed that the entire system is working properly. I was asked to make the opening entry in the system, a wonderful suggestion, really, and so now you are reading this. If you are reading it, I commend you on working with us at the Ministry in our endeavours. I expect to see these in working order and I'm sure you all will appreciate the system's uniqueness.

It is my most sincere hope that the WWC will further our ability to communicate in these troubling times. In addition to bringing wizardkind together through the sharing of thoughts and ideas, your notebook acts as an instantaneous emergency device. A post to the Emergency Alert Community, which is watched around the clock by trained staff members, will alert the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to any crisis or concern you may have.

On a related note, if you have an inquiries for me as Minister, do feel free to leave a question on this entry, as I'm informed is possible thanks to the enhanced spellwork. If I do not answer in a timely manner, though, forgive me, as I have a war to fight.
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